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Aura Assistance is a specialised COVID-19 global emergency assistance plan. Following the events of COVID-19, many governments were forced to close their borders, having a crippling effect on many tourist dependent economies. Aura Assistance offers a fast acting and dependable solution to enable the safe and practical opening of a country partner’s tourism doors without threatening the health service infrastructure and the financial burden that comes with it. Stringently developed in conjunction with local government and tourism partners, Aura Assistance provides bespoke coverage for illnesses and/or accidents, including but not limited to COVID-19, quarantining and evacuation/repatriation.


Our portfolio managers have a wealth of experience in their niche line of business and combine this with a dedication to helping our broker partners win and retain more business.

Tom Green

Director, Aura Underwriting

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We are committed to always providing clear detail on our specific risk appetite to allow you to better understand our underwriting proposition.

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  • Offering COVID-19 travel coverage to over 20 Caribbean partner destinations.
  • Recommended and backed by Hotel and Tourism Associations
  • No age limits and no COVID-19 related exclusion for tourists with pre-existing conditions
  • Comprehensive coverage to travelling tourists for many illnesses and/or accidents, including but not limited to COVID-19
  • Simple flat pricing per person, starting from USD 9.75 per day.
  • Core coverage levels including but not limited to: USD 100,000 Medical Costs, USD 100,000 Repatriation/Evacuation and USD 5,000 for Cost of Quarantining.
  • 90 day coverage limit.
  • Automatic free 14 day extension in case customer falls ill during original policy period.


Our wider teams are made up of leading underwriters and dedicated suppport staff to ensure that your experience working with us is forever a positive one.

Deandra Santangelo

Associate Director, Aura Underwriting


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Tim Bilborough

Consultant, Aura Underwriting


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