Taking Rokstone to the next level as Aventum

Rokstone will continue to be supported by investments in Aventum’s core teams, allowing us to focus on diversifying our portfolios and delivering for brokers and capacity partners. Our Aventum colleagues in Marketing, Accounts, IT & Operations, Compliance, HR and Delegated Underwriting Authority are central to our aspiration to be the biggest and best MGA in the world.

Rokstone is the sole underwriting business of Aventum, and as part of our restructure, the following niche underwriting brands will join the Rokstone family, adding to our scale and shared expertise: Rokstone Construction Risk Underwriters, Aura Underwriting, Novus Underwriting, iSure Underwriting, and iFarm Underwriting.

The benefits that will come through joining up under the single Rokstone business are clear.

By uniting all underwriting operations under one business it gives the Group a better overview of the classes and regions we want to grow our exposure in. Our investment in actuarial capability delivers confidence to capacity partners, broadening our risk appetite and underwriting footprint on a global basis. Shared underwriting controls and significant Group-wide investments in digital transformation, will continually evolve how we deliver our products and manage relationships.  

As an Aventum Group company, we will continue to attract the best talent and underwriting teams that the market has to offer.

Aventum, and the newly joined-up Rokstone business, sets us up to achieve our overall goal – to be the biggest and best (re)insurance MGA in the world.

Be part of something big