Construction and engineering risks can be wide and varied, stretching into many different industries. The varying nature of these risks depend largely on the types of processes and machinery involved, it therefore requires specialist knowledge to understand the coverage required. Our team possesses this expertise and underwrites a broad portfolio of worldwide construction risks with an appetite for a broad range of occupancies.

Portfolio manager

Our portfolio managers have a wealth of experience in their niche line of business and combine this with a dedication to helping our broker partners win and retain more business.

David Turner

Portfolio Manager – Construction

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Coverage and limits

We are committed to always providing clear detail on our specific risk appetite to allow you to better understand our underwriting proposition.

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Risk Appetite:

Coverage Limits:

  • Downstream energy
  • Power generation
  • Real estate
  • Heavy industries (steel, aluminium)
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation excl metros
  • A cautious approach to heavy civil engineering risks
  • Maximum period of 60 months
  • Critical ‘cat’ – max USD1m, any one risk and subject to agreed zonal aggregates
  • Other ‘cat’
  • Excluded occupancies include offshore construction, completed risks, and machinery breakdown
  • Other exclusions include standalone third party line, US casualty, and sanctioned countries or entities

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