North America Property Facultative Reinsurance

This portfolio offers two distinctive products, with a focus on the middle market and SME segments of commercial property insurance. These products are offered on an excess of loss basis across all 50 US states.

Portfolio manager

Paul Amrose

President and Head of Facultative Reinsurance, North America

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Individual Risk Facultative targets those policyholders with elements of their risk profile residing beyond the capacity of the client company’s risk appetite. Utilizing our underwriting expertise and deep insurance experience, we analyze a client’s need(s) and construct an effective, well-organized risk transfer solution within 24 hours.

Facultative Automatics is tailored to aggregate the high volumes of property facultative individual risks into a portfolio that can be easily administered by cedants. Pre-agreed terms and conditions provide the guardrails from which all qualified business is automatically reinsured, resulting in reduced frictional costs and economies of scale for the client company.

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Risk Appetite and Limits

  • Real Estate
  • Apartments / Condos
  • Manufacturing
  • Homeowners
  • Schools
  • Retail
  • All Other
  • Hotels
  • Municipalities
  • Storage / Distribution

Maximum Line Size is $5m any one risk

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