The aviation (re)insurance market has experienced significant hardening since late 2019, putting increased emphasis on working with only the most specialised and knowledgeable underwriters. As members of the International Union of Aviation Insurers, we have sought out these individuals for our proposition, to provide facultative reinsurance to clients domiciled across the globe (except in US/Canada and sanctioned countries). The team can work with brokers/cedants in a lead or follow capacity.

Portfolio manager

Our portfolio managers have a wealth of experience in their niche line of business and combine this with a dedication to helping our broker partners win and retain more business.

Darren Shearwood

Portfolio Manager - Aviation

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Coverage and limits

We are committed to always providing clear detail on our specific risk appetite to allow you to better understand our underwriting proposition.

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Risk appetite


General Aviation

  • Operators of turboprops, jets and helicopters
  • Private business and pleasure use
  • Government and commercial operations
  • Aircraft Hull USD5,000,000 any one aircraft
  • Aircraft Liability USD30,000,000 any one occurrence


  • Predominately passenger carriage, focusing on Latin America, Africa and Asia, including regional and commuter airlines
  • Aircraft Hull USD5,000,000 any one aircraft
  • Aircraft Liability USD50,000,000 any one occurrence

Aerospace – Airports & Manufacturers

  • Aircraft and component manufacturers
  • Airport owners and operators
  • Air traffic control providers
  • Fixed base/ repair stations
  • Airline catering, refuellers and ground handlers
  • Manufacturers Hull USD5,000,000 any one aircraft
  • Aviation Liability USD50,000,000 any one occurrence

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