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Policy provides broad form coverage for losses to animals in transit that are your property or the property of others. Loss includes death, humane destruction, crippling, bruising, injury and/or escape of animals while in the due course of transit. Policy is extended to pay for salvage and recovery expenses, debris removal expenses, freight charges, theft, loss of value, and losses that occur due to vehicle breakdown or during loading and unloading.

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Risk appetite


  • For hire motor carriers transporting animals owned by others
  • Livestock owners transporting their own animals
  • Cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and poultry
  • Limited Appetite (Death and Humane Destruction Only)
    • Horses
    • Higher value cattle, swine, sheep and goats exceeding $5,000 per head
    • Other live animal species not listed above
    • Non-animal exposures if less than 50% of loads
    • Preferred appetite is agricultural commodities
    • Certain goods not eligible, see Goods Other Than Animals endorsement
  • $1,000 deductible standard
  • Substantiated value
  • $500,000 per vehicle


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