Surety and Credit Treaty

A carefully selected and bottom-line-oriented book, where diversification is the predominant balance factor, surety and credit are specialised classes requiring experience and specific technical expertise. Not correlated with other lines and providing outstanding results when written within an orthodox framework, the book will comprise European, Asian and Middle East treaties in the first phase.


Our portfolio managers have a wealth of experience in their niche line of business and combine this with a dedication to helping our broker partners win and retain more business.

Luis Antonio Ibáñez

Portfolio Manager Credit & Surety

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We are committed to always providing clear detail on our specific risk appetite to allow you to better understand our underwriting proposition.

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Risk Appetite

Coverage Limits

  • Proportional and XL treaties with diversified risk profiles, including:
  • Contractual Public Bonds: Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds and Maintenance Bonds
  • Renewable Energy Bonds
  • French Construction Bonds
  • Custom Bonds
  • Export Trade Credit
  • E-Commerce trade credit
  • Digital credit platforms
  • Maximum Surety capacity USD 3.25 million per risk per treaty
  • Maximum Credit capacity USD 2.25 million per risk per treaty
  • No Facultative business
  • No Treaties with high-risk concentration
  • Financial Guarantees excluded
  • Very long tail books not accepted

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