Our Approach

Rokstone is part of the Aventum Group and harnesses the power that this brings to always make (re)insurance better for our clients, wherever they are based. Our front-line team is supported by a number of key central service teams who help to ensure that everything we do is the best it can be. It’s what attracts top industry talent and teams to join us and it’s only just the beginning.

Sustainable underwriting

Combining industry experience, actuarial insights, underwriting discipline and intelligent, responsible trading.

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Our model is simple and proven. We are forever focused on generating meaningful returns for capacity providers which, in turn, allows us to continually increase the volume of new lines of specialty business that support our brokers. We do this using our proprietary underwriting models, delivered by our deeply knowledgeable and experienced front-line underwriters, and always with an unwavering commitment to digital transformation and data-driven underwriting. It’s a truly sustainable model that works for everyone.

Digital transformation

We embrace the opportunities that the digital world brings because we know that it will help fuel and sustain our ambitious growth trajectory over the coming years.

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Digital brings many opportunities and huge upside for those that are agile enough to capitalise. From using simple applications to reduce manual tasks and their associated costs, to increasing the reach of our specialist products and pricing our risks more accurately than our peers, we know how to harness and use digital. To date, we have already invested over USD 1,000,000 in our IT ecosystem, and like so many of the leading digital organisations around the world, we understand that the key to unlocking opportunity sits firmly with having a cost effective ability to capture, store, analyse and present quality data, that can be used to drive business decisions. Our investment in technology continues to a key cornerstone of our commercial strategy, and as we speak, we have a number of key strategic digital projects in motion to ensure we capitalise on the opportunities.

Service Focus

At Rokstone we understand that the very core of our success is driven by the service we provide. It’s why we have always looked to do things better. And it’s why we always will. Underpinning our approach are four distinct component parts.

  • Core Teams

    Our underwriters are supported by core teams within the Aventum Group, allowing them to focus on risk.

  • Agility

    We have the means, the agility and will to expand, continuously presenting opportunity in new territories for our partner brokers.

  • Decision Makers

    We offer direct access to our deeply experienced portfolio managers. There’s no frustrating layered structure here, just immediate access to front line underwriters.

  • Insurtech

    We make continual investment in Insurtech to enhance our trading relationships and improve the speed and accuracy of our documentation.


“In a market where response times are understandably of continual focus, be assured that Rokstone’s claims team usually provide an immediate response often ahead of market competition. In a business where “everything’s urgent” it is especially key to have a clear considered policy response early.”

Richard Mounsey, Lockton UK

You just need to look at the people working for them, and their track records in the market over many years, to tell that Rokstone is a highly accomplished, well-run outfit who offer a great service to their brokers. Over the last few years, the reputation and stature of Rokstone has grown and in my opinion, that is fully deserved.

Will Ingram, Divisional Director, Howden Specialty

Working with the team at Rokstone has been an absolute pleasure. They were quick to answer our submission, and have been extremely easy to work with throughout. They're a friendly company, while still abiding to the highest professional standards. Will definitely approach them again and would recommend.

Joe Burford, Broker – Downstream Natural Resources, Willis Towers Watson

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