Rokstone Inauguration into Lloyd’s in Pioneering Move

We are delighted to announce that Rokstone has secured a Box at Lloyd’s, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards innovation and expansion.

This strategic move reinforces our commitment to enhancing our distribution channels across various specialty business lines and simplifying connections for brokers seeking unparalleled underwriting expertise.

Empowering Brokers Through Direct Engagement

In a landmark three-year deal set to go live on 15 April 2024, you will find us on Gallery 3, Box 335, as we actively trade across our Property, Marine, Aviation, Contingency, Construction and Energy portfolios. This initiative will enable brokers to engage on a face-to-face level with top tier underwriting professionals, facilitating in depth discussions on intricate specialty risks.

By tapping into our highly diversified products and global capacity network, brokers gain access to a wealth of resources to navigate complex insurance landscapes with confidence.

Unprecedented Growth and Stability

The move comes at a prosperous time for Rokstone having, in the last 12 months, reached a profitable milestone of USD 1.2 billion - maintaining a commendable Underwriting Loss Ratio below 53% and an implied COR of 82.5% - all without external investment or debt.

The decision to take a Box at Lloyd’s not only solidifies Rokstone’s enduring position in the market but also reflects our dynamic and sustainable approach to delivering optimal outcomes for both brokers and carriers.

A Visionary Perspective

James Potter, CEO of Rokstone, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s foray into the Lloyd’s company markets, emphasising the enhanced accessibility for brokers to engage with premier underwriters across specialised classes. He said,

“In just eight years, we have successfully built a vibrant and exciting $1.2bn GWP business that has become the desired home for the best talent.”

Insisting that this is only the beginning of the Rokstone journey to becoming the most inspiring MGA in the world, James said,

“Having a Box at Lloyd’s signals our long term commitment and takes us one step further towards our goal.”

A Warm Welcome From Lloyd’s

Vicky Carter, Deputy Chairwoman at Lloyd’s, extended a warm welcome to Rokstone, acknowledging Rokstone’s reputation in the industry and its alignment with the Lloyd’s ethos of innovation and collaboration. She said,

“Lloyd’s is the place for forward-thinking companies like Rokstone to come together and innovate to find solutions to some of the most complex and challenging risks facing us daily. At Lloyd’s, our ambition is attracting the world’s best talent to operate within the market environment.”

Rokstone’s entry into Lloyd’s heralds a new era of innovation, promising enhanced accessibility, expertise and solutions for brokers. The achievement symbolises our commitment to reshaping the landscape of insurance and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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