Dare to Discover 2024

It was that time of year again - the annual gathering of Aventum Group. Just like the 2023 Dare to Discover event, the afternoon proved once more that not all corporate Town Hall events are created equal.

Breaking away from the traditional monotony and fluorescently lit boardrooms, home for the day was Woolwich Works in East London. With the event theme centred on exploration, attendees were dared to think differently and challenged to think about what their biggest ‘dare’ would be.

What is Your Biggest ‘Dare’?

With international colleagues and teams from around the world joining remotely, the event united the Group from near and far.

Kicking things off, Aventum Group CEO David Bearman took to the stage, detailing the importance of teamwork. David’s dare, to lead, followed a sensational weekend in Saudi Arabia for his son Ollie Bearman. David’s discussion centred on how it is seldom the effort of just one person to get an entire project across the finish line.

Focusing on the importance of every individual’s role in motorsport towards a team’s success, David showed how that could be translated into business success at Aventum Group. When he asked people to express their aspirations in what they ‘dare’ to do, answers were written on paper planes and thrown towards the stage.

Dare to Inspire

James Baird and Paul Richards followed David on stage, sharing their vision of inspiration. They shared a narrative of Consilium’s dynamic journey in the last 12 months, marked by rapid expansion and the fusion of diverse perspectives.

Amidst global competition, they championed a high-performing team ethos in a team committed to prioritising people over profit and delivering excellence.

Dare to Pioneer

Charlie Sim and Edmund Bradbury of The Foundation then seized the spotlight with their approach to pioneering. They explored the essence of true business success, emphasising the importance of being customer-led.

Dare to Move

Next up, Rokstone’s Ian Anson took to the stage to discuss the Rokstone ethos and the essential components that have propelled our success. Ian emphasised the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained within the wider Group, attributing much of Rokstone’s triumphs to this collective mindset.

Ian went on to highlight Rokstone’s resilient approach and an unwavering determination to make things happen without delay. This proactive attitude has been a cornerstone of Rokstone’s achievements, enabling us to navigate challenges with agility and tenacity.

Committed to assembling the best possible team through the hiring of top talent from across the industry, Ian’s message reverted back to what David spoke about regarding the importance of teamwork. By cultivating a diverse and skilled workforce, Rokstone can ensure we are equipped to tackle challenges.

Reiterating the importance of prompt communication, Ian urged everyone to act decisively, driving change today rather than waiting for tomorrow.

Dare to Innovate

Next on stage was Hasani Jess, who encouraged people to embrace the courage required to tackle difficult tasks. He urged people to remember that just because there is already a way to do something, does not mean it cannot be improved.

Following Hasani was James Fairgrieve, who announced the launch of the ‘Bear Cave’ initiative. An exciting and rewarding innovation challenge, open to all Aventum Group colleagues, the concept provides the opportunity to showcase individual talent and possibly even change the face of the business.

Dare to Challenge

Jamie ‘Adventureman’ McDonald, who also hosted the event, introduced his dare - to challenge. In a part of the afternoon which featured colleagues riding a static bicycle on the stage, he announced Aventum’s charitable plans for the year ahead, which included achieving a World Record in the EC3 Bike Relay. (Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on that one)!

Dynamic Engagement

For those attending in person, colleagues were divided into two groups. Enabling people to connect with people they may have never met or worked with before, half of the Group took part in Robot Wars, while the other half faced a Formula 1-focused challenge.

Remote and international colleagues took part in an escape room task online, in an Arctic survival-themed challenge. Winning teams from all activities were crowned in David’s closing remarks.


With many colleagues attending their first Dare to Discover event, the afternoon inspired people across the business. We hope the lessons learned from the day will stay with each of our colleagues and dare them to seek out new growth opportunities personally and professionally.

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