Simplifying Exposure Management with ExposureHub

As a growing MGA writing multiple lines of specialty business, we chose Ebix Europe to support our evolving exposure management demands using the ExposureHub Platform.

The Challenge

At Rokstone, we recognised the urgency to expand our exposure management team and capabilities. ExposureHub, with its superior client support, emerged as, what our Managing Director Ian Anson would describe as, “the cornerstone of our Catastrophe risk management strategy”.

Writing risks on behalf of other carriers and having to report responsibly to those parties, meant we needed a streamlined and automated exposure management system to meet reporting responsibilities efficiently.

The Approach

To support our growth goals, we identified the underwriting teams crucial to the project’s success. A project team was assembled, involving a core project group and 25 exposure management stakeholders. Workshops were held with seven teams to thoroughly explore and understand their specific underwriting requirements.

To ensure a smooth and phased implementation, we prioritised the go-live approach, choosing Property D&F as the first business line. This allowed us to create a repeatable template applicable to other business lines.

Requirements were categorised into Go-Live, Phase 2 and Long Term requirements to ensure the future integrity and resilience of the project. We went live in December 2022 and ExposureHub is now used across all seven classes of business.

The Benefits

We needed end-to-end policy lifecycle management. ExposureHub not only optimised and automated processes but also facilitated immediate access to critical data upstream and downstream. ExposureHub now serves as a one stop solution, streamlining operations for key decision makers who receive its outputs.

In addition, ExposureHub’s adaptability aligns with our growth trajectory, as the Platform can quickly and efficiently accommodate the evolving needs of the business.

Ian Anson, Managing Director at Rokstone, commented: “I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of ExposureHub within Rokstone. The cutting edge tool has empowered us to navigate the complex landscape of risk with precision and confidence.”

Ian believes the Platform helps not only identify potential exposures but proactively mitigate them. He concluded: “In an ever evolving industry, ExposureHub is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in managing risks for our Partners.”


The Future

Our experience with ExposureHub emphasises the importance of strategic exposure management in balancing portfolios and enhancing agility. The Platform is customisable to each client and adjusted to meet individual user requirements and preferences.

In an industry facing unprecedented challenges, our partnership showcases the adaptability and excellence required to manage risks effectively in an ever evolving risk landscape.

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